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ULC Fire Alarms in Medicine Hat — Is Your Building Up to Code?

Did you know that all commercial and industrial buildings constructed in Alberta must now follow the new ULC certification standards? This means that before your business can open its doors, it must undergo integrated systems testing and documentation. Now for the good news: Elhart’s Electric makes the process easy. Our team installs, inspects, tests, and repairs ULC fire alarms in Medicine Hat and the surrounding areas. 

Not only does having an ULC-approved fire alarm installed in your workplace or home keep you in compliance with Alberta’s fire codes, but it also helps you meet your insurance requirements. Go with a team that is certified to perform new installations, repairs, testing, and troubleshooting — call Elhart’s Electric today!

Annual ULC Fire Alarm Testing

Have you had your annual ULC fire alarm test? Elhart’s Electric can help ensure the safety of those you care about and your property through our CAN/ULC-S536-approved testing, recertification, troubleshooting, and maintenance program. If you suspect there is an issue with your fire alarms, or you are due for your annual audit and inspection, call Elhart’s Electric today!

Fire Alarm Troubleshooting and Repairs

We service many makes and models of ULC-approved fire alarms. Most repairs can be promptly completed as we stock an inventory of parts and materials in our office.

Your First Line of Defence

We will install new fire alarms, plus we offer inspection, testing, and repairs of existing fire alarm systems.

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